Home Cinema

Digital Cinema has specialized over the last 14 years in integral reforms of rooms turning them into dedicated cinema rooms, going through all the processes from the planning of the space, the adaptation of the room, acoustic isolation, running of wiring, lighting, installation of audiovisual equipment, cinema seating, furniture, home automation, until the last control instructions, so that you as a client can feel accompanied in all the processes of the execution, until the final use of the complete cinema room.

A home theater room is a room that allows us to see video content such as movies, television programs, sports, Apple TV, Netflix, video games, IPTV, etc. with the highest possible quality, enjoying always an exceptional sound. The planning of a home cinema room is essential for Digital Cinema, considering all the factors such as:

  • Available space
  • Room light
  • Acoustic and isolation of walls and floor
  • Space for accommodation of electronic equipment
  • Sound: embedded vs. surface sound
  • Visual equipment: screen / projector vs. large TV screen
  • Cinema seating, sofa
  • Lighting equipment
  • Installation, wiring, broadband internet
  • Control of all the elements of the cinema room
  • Automation of the room
  • etc.

With our home cinema equipment, you can enjoy experiences equal or superior to those that exist in commercial theaters. We use exceptional 4K / UltraHD projectors in terms of quality, performance and design and the latest high-end digital surround audio technology that allows all formats such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS, etc., while you are sitting or lying down in the most comfortable home cinema reclining armchairs.

What more can you ask for? A popcorn machine? We also integrate it into your home cinema environment for an unforgettable experience.