Villa in Portals Nous

Dolby Surround with V35 Bose system in the main hall. 5 stereo sound zones with Bose Acoustimass system. 3 stereo sound zones with Bose outdoor speakers. 1 stereo sound zone in the pool with underwater speakers from Electrovoice All areas are integrated into the Sonos multi-room system, including several iPod / iPhone docking stations.

Lighting control 
Intelligent lighting control via keyboards and 19 “touchscreens from Gira. In addition, the motion detectors enable the automatic switching of different light points in the passage areas. The individual air conditioning of 9 different climate zones can be controlled via multifunction buttons. Also installed was a weather station.

Security check 
Installation of 6 security cameras, system integration and alarm detection. Includes moisture detection, fire, smoke and magnetic intruder alarm. The control system allows secure remote monitoring of the entire house from any external Internet access.