Cinema room in a villa in Son Vida

In this project Digital Cinema has designed and fitted out a room that had no use whatsoever in the house, to turn it into a dedicated, fully-fitted cinema room.

Equipped with a Sony 4K projector and a Vogel’s ceiling mount, with a Dolby Atmos surround sound system consisting of B&W 700 Series speakers, the B&W CWM 7.5 S2 in-wall speaker model and two B&W CT12 subwoofers.
The front speakers are concealed behind the 150-inch fixed-frame micro-perforated screen and a stylish Spectral cabinet has been placed underneath to house electronics such as the Anthem AV receiver, an Apple TV, etc.

The entire cinema room can be controlled via a tablet thanks to the EA-1 Controller from Control4’s home automation system, which can be programmed with various scenarios.

In terms of aesthetics, the cinema room is fitted out with special wallpaper and acoustic panels to improve sound quality and a carpet that is resistant to liquid stains. Eight comfortable Sofanella leather armchairs with reclining backrests that can be comfortably operated from the armrest have been placed on two levels.

At the back of the room, a wooden cabinet has been designed which includes different elements, such as a small fridge, mini-bar, etc., to make the use of the cinema room as comfortable as possible.